2022 Sponsorship Levels

- Principal Sponsor (Limited to 1 Sponsor)

In line with the structure of the Mine Rescue Competitions a Principal Sponsorship is available every other year (when held away from Adelaide), when the competitions are held in the Adelaide region the SAMERC Association will be the Principal Sponsor.
All requests for Principal Sponsorship will be discussed at the SAMERC committee meetings and decisions passed onto the requestor. Principal sponsorship can be secured both through service in lieu and monetary contributions. The Principal Sponsors Logo will be placed on the right breast of the SAMERC shirt.

- Premium Sponsor (Limited to 5 Sponsors)

The Premium Sponsorship hosts an array of benefits, those being;

- Logo Recognition on printed marketing collateral

- Recognition on advertising materials

- Opportunity to give a 5-minute address at the presentation dinner

- Verbal acknowledgement by the MC at the presentation dinner

- 2 x complimentary tickets to the presentation dinner

- Opportunity to display pull-up banner at presentation dinner

- Opportunity to distribute merchandise

- Opportunity to display a "stall" at an exercise

All Premium Sponsorship applications will be reviewed by the SAMERC Committee prior to being accepted, preference will be given to those that register an application early.

Total cost for 2022 Premium Sponsor $5000.00

- Trophy Sponsor (Limited to 11 Sponsors)

The trophy sponsor option is limited to one per event. Those who had sponsored the event in the previous years MRC's will be given priority option to secure the trophy sponsorship option in the current year.

The benefits of the Trophy Sponsor option are;

- Recognition on advertising materials

- Logo recognition on the summary of the event on SAMERC's website

- Trophy Sponsorship for a selected event (trophy to be awarded by a sponsor representative at the presentation dinner

- Verbal acknowledgement by the MC at the presentation dinner

- 1 x complimentary ticket to the presentation dinner

- Opportunity to display pop-up banner at the presentation dinner

- Opportunity to have a "stall" at the sponsored event

Total cost for 2022 Trophy Sponsor $3000.00

- SAMERC Sustainability Sponsor (Unlimited)

The SAMERC Sponsorship is a new tier of sponsor encouraging further support for the running of the South Australian Mines Emergency Response Competitions.

The benefits of the SAMERC sponsorship include;

- Recognition as a SAMERC sponsor on advertising materials

- Visual representation on SAMERC's website as a Sustainability Sponsor with potential for link to company website

- Opportunity to build a "Display Stall" at the competition (Minimum cost of sponsorship $2000)

As the South Australian Mines Emergency Response Competitions are a non-for-profit association, we rely on the generosity of the sustainability sponsors to ensure the high-quality delivery is consistent each year.

Please specify your sponsorship amount on the payment tab below (minimum $500.00)

If you would like to register your interest to become a valuable Sponsor for the 2022 event, please click here.